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Need High-Quality Private Label Performance Clutches?


Looking for a reliable performance clutch supplier for your brand?
With all the information out there and multitude of suppliers, it can be a bit overwhelming. Current performance clutch manufacturers may offer a private label program, but usually the cost and strict purchase policy may not be a viable option for the long term. It can also be challenging to source overseas. Some may actually just be a “trading company” or middle man conveying your orders to the manufacturer, others may only specialize in OEM replacement clutches.

At SPEEDE, our experience focuses on creating high-performance clutches used in sports compact for over 10 years. Since 2009, we have created the performance version of stock clutch for almost all popular applications on the market. Whatever you are focusing on Subaru/ Mitsubishi/ Mazda /Nissan or Volkswagen, we do have the suitable performance clutch that you need.

Built for Motorsports. This leads to fast innovation of our clutch technology.

What We Manufacture

Why We Are Your Preferred Performance Clutch Vendor

First-class Product Quality

Ductile iron pressure plate, 4-stage heat treatment diaphragm spring, only the finest materials can be used for our parts.
100% tested before packaging.
All of our existing clutch components meet the SFI 1.1 specification.

Comprehensive Application Range

Whatever you own an old Honda Accord EK1 or the lastest Civic FK8, Japanese car or European car, we do have the correlated product for you. In the past 10+ years, we have created performance clutches for almost all popular applications on the market.

Powerful R&D Capacity

Our engineers have over 20-year experience in the Clutch Industry. We can perfectly replicate the samples you provide, or R&D the correct product by your drawing sheet or just requirements.

30-day Return Policy

We render a service of returning goods within 30 days, meaning you can return the goods to us within 1 month from the day you receive them.

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