Segmented Clutch Disc

Stage 3 Performance Segmented Ceramic Clutch Disc Sprung Hub | Speede Clutch

Generally, both the two sides of the segmented Ceramic disc are equipped with segmented ceramic friction, which is suited for up to 150% increase in torque capacity, providing quick but smooth engagement and extended life.

We ALSO provide a variant of the segmented Ceramic disc(dual friction), which is engineered to deliver up to 65-70% increase in Torque capacity for heavy duty street use. It has segmented ceramic facing on flywheel side and modified organic facing on the pressure plate side. It is designed for the cost sensitive enthusiast who still enjoys the benefit of the dissimilar materials.

We offer both 4 sprung discs and 6 sprung discs. Meantime, rigid hub type is also available;

* Meet SFI specifications to ensure safety

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