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To Make a Profit of   50% to over 200%

  • Reasonable & competitive rates
  • Comprehensive application range
  • Made of the finest materials, 100% meet SFI requirements
  • 90 days warranty & 30 days return policy

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    High-Quality Performance Clutch, Stage Selection:

    Stage 1 Clutch, basic organic

    Stage 1 Clutch, basic organic

    The heavy-duty version of the OE stock. Ductile iron made pressure plate & reinforced parts make an extended life. A slight increase in pedal feel.

    Stage 2 Clutch, HD organic

    Stage 2 Clutch, HD organic

    A significant increase in clamping load with a slight increase in pedal feel. Steel backed high brass friction material increases the burst strength.

    Stage 3 Clutch, segmented 8-puck

    Stage 3 Clutch, segmented 8-puck

    This setup provides the ultimate in street and strip combinations. Non-marcel cushion design keeps the clutch pedal travel short, quick but smooth engagement. Each component is heat-treated for strength and durability.

    Stage 4 Clutch, 6-puck

    Stage 4 Clutch, ceramic 6-puck

    This setup is ideal for big turbo upgrades but comes with a significantly heavier pedal feel. This 6-puck disc is paired to a single diaphragm heavy-duty pressure plate that provides up to 250% increase in torque capacity.

    Stage 5 Clutch, 4-puck

    Stage 5 Clutch, ceramic 4-puck

    This setup is paired with a 4-puck high torque sprung disc, which provides a solid engagement with higher HP applications. This disc along with a single diaphragm heavy-duty pressure plate provides up to 300% increase in torque capacity.

    Stage 6 Clutch, metallic 6-puck

    Stage 6 Clutch, metallic 6-puck

    This build-to-order assembly has the highest friction co-efficient. Extremely high clamp load and full-metallic 6-puck disc give abrupt engagement characteristics and rapid heat dissipation. It’s not street-friendly but good for drag racing.

    Only SFI Required Materials Can be used for our Performance Clutch

    High Performance 4-stage Heat-treated Diaphragm Spring

    Reinforced Diaphragm Spring, 4-Stage Heat-treated

    High Performance Ductile Iron Cast Pressure Plate

    Grade 65-45-12 Ductile Iron Cast Pressure Plate

    Triple straps, Heat-treated material

    Heat-treated Center Clip for Pull Clutch

    Heat-treated Center Clip for Pull Clutch, Never Pop Out

    steel backed organic lining

    HD Organic Lining, Steel-backed

    High Performance Dual Dampened Springs

    Dual Dempened Springs for accurate controlling

    Hard to Get High-Quality Performance Clutches at Reasonable Rates?

    We Understand You.

    Current performance clutch manufacturers(Name brands) may offer a private label program, but usually, the cost and strict purchase policy may not be a viable option for the long term. In the meantime, it can also be challenging to source overseas on account of multitude of suppliers. Some may actually just be a “trading company” or middle man conveying your orders to the manufacturer, and others may only specialize in OEM replacement clutches.

    At SPEEDE, our experience focuses on creating high-performance clutches used in sports compact for over 10 years. SPEEDE was created to provide small businesses with very high-quality performance parts and accessories at reasonable prices. It was born out of the idea that the finest parts and extremely high price tags don’t necessarily have to go hand-in-hand. Our goal is to provide small businesses alternative choices when the strict purchase policy of name brands keeps them from owning their own private label performance clutches.

    Speede 6-puck Ceramic Performance Clutch disc

    Since 2009, we have created the performance version of stock clutch for almost all popular applications on the market. Whatever you are focusing on Subaru/ Mitsubishi/ Mazda /Nissan or Volkswagen, we do have the suitable performance clutch that you need.

    SPEEDE is proud of the high-quality clutch parts we manufacture. At SPEEDE, our quality parts are produced with precision in-process measurements. In addition, we provide value added services as well, including sourcing and more, to make sure our customers have what they need when they need it.

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