Ceramic Clutch Disc

Stage 4 Performance 6-puck Ceramic Clutch Disc Sprung Hub | Speede Clutch
Stage 4 Performance 6-puck Ceramic Clutch Disc Rigid Hub | Speede Clutch

6-puck, which is the commonest and widely-used performance clutch disc, is suitable for up to 170%-250% increase in torque capacity. It provides quick but smooth engagement and extended life and is best for drag racing, road racing, pulling rallye and drift.

We also provide 3-Puck, 4-Puck, 5-Puck, 8-Puck and 9-Puck for all makes and models.

We offer both 4 sprung discs and 6 sprung discs. Meantime, rigid hub type is also available;

* Meet SFI specifications to ensure safety

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